Ration Balancing  05/02/14 2:44:40 PM

Sherwood Elevator personnel are trained to use the AAMPS ration balancing program to unlock your herds potential. AAMPS is an acronym for Amino Acids Metabolizable Protein System. There are several adjustments in the program based on forage digestibilty and maturity, micron size of processed grains, and  length of time for fermented forages. We believe in maximizing your forages and cutting down on the out of pocket expenses.

Benefits of AAMPS


* Allows for maximum forage utilization in the diet
  • Saves money
  • Takes advantage of forage quality
  • Supports milk components and rumen health 
* Balances for Amino Acids and Metabolizable Protein
  • Metabolizable protein is the protein that is actually absorbed creating a more accurate prediction of the cows protein needs
  • Optimizes milk protein
  • Optimizes milk production
* Balances for Fatty Acids
  • Predicts the flow of essential fatty acids to the small intestine
  • Minimizes the risk of low milk fat by using a customized milk fat depression index to measure several dietary factors
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