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Dimension Pre-Emergent on DG, 50lb Bag by AM Leonard

We currently offer a 3-step slow-release fertilizer program.  

19-0-0 Crabgrass & Broadleaf Weeds - This should
 first be put on when the ground temperature has been 55° for a minimum of 72 consecutive hours.  This formula provides "pre-emergece" & "early post-emergence" control when applied prior to emergence through the early stages of crabgrass growth. This means you have a 2-4 week longer period of time to make applications & still control crabgrass. One 50# bag covers 12,500 square feet.

20-0-8 Weed & Feed - a lawn fertilizer that contains weed killer for broadleaf weeds such as dandelions or grassy weeds.
 One 50# bag covers 12,500 square feet. If your lawn does not have weeds, no need to use this step; skip to step number 3.  

25-0-4 Fertilizer  -  The Nitrogen in this ferilizer will make your lawn lush and green!  One 50# bag covers 12,500 square feet.  

We stock all 3 formulas starting in April for the whole lawn season.  For new lawns, we carry seed and fertilizer.  Click here to go to our Lawn Seed page.    

Soil testing - take the guesswork out of knowing what your lawn needs.   We send your sample to the lab and in about a week, receive your lawn's analysis.  Based on this, we will design a fertilizer program to help you achieve a successful lawn! 

Organic option:
We offer a 100% Corn Gluten Meal, a naturally occurring substance. It inhibits the growth of a seed's tiny feeder roots that causes the seedlings to die before they germinate.  Since most weeds germinate by seed, corn gluten will kill the seeds before they sprout.  

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