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From start to finish, let us help you plan your deer plot:
 Unsure of your soil?  Bring in a soil sample and we will have it tested ($20.00 cost, subject to change.)  When you get the results, our guys will work with you on how to amend the soil for better results.

To prepare your plot, we have a generic round up at 41% Glyphosate to kill off everything green & growing.

or soil improvements, we sell granular lime, peat moss,and fertilizers.

 Purchasing the variety of seeds for your plot can be either from commercial blends such as Brier Ridge, Country Deer Trail Mix, & Bull's Eye Turnip Wildlife Mix or customizing your own blend from our seed supply.   Choose from 5 kinds of Clover (Aliske, Ladino, Red, White & Yellow), Sugar Beets, Radish, Chicory, Rape, Turnips, Austrian Peas, regular Oats, Buck Forage Oats, Fall/Winter Rye, Wheat,  Soybeans. Most available either by the pound or a 50# Bag.  The commercial company is a Wisconsin based company, so they know what works in our state.

Having issues with grass in your food plot?  Check out the grass killers we have that will not harm your folage!

To enhance the deer's well being, consider offering throughout the year one of our mineral blends in different formats: Kress Kustom Deer Mineral Mix, Big Tine's Mineral Block 25# (cherry rush scented), Purina's Antler Max 33# Block (acorn scented), 12# Trophy Rocks, and 30# Trophy 65 Supplement or ask us for suggestions for your land.  

When the time for hunting draws near, we have shelled corn, Deer & Elk Pellets from Deerlicious, Apple Scent from Deerlicious or White Oak Acorn Scent from Skull Bound.  We also stock from Big Tine: Last Call Attractant, 30-06 Fortified Deer Blend, Cover Scent (Cherry Rush) and we now carry their Deer Camera!  

New in 2019 from Redmond Hunt, the makers of Trophy Rock, is Apple Bomb and Cherry Bomb. They are a "super effective long-range deer attractant.  It's enticing aroma pulls deer from afar and its highly palatable protein ingredients with added vitamins and minerals keeps them coming back for more."

For questions about your deer plot and all your feed needs, please call us at 920-989-1442 or send us a message using the Contact Us button.


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