Milk Products  05/07/14 3:25:23 PM

Sher-Gold 20-20 Milk Replacer w/NeoTec4
A 20% protein-20% fat milk replacer balanced with amino acids to provide the performance level of a 22% protein-20% fat milk replacer. The milk replacer of choice for those who desire an all milk 22% protein milk replacer.

Snowflakes 22-20 Milk Replacer w/NeoTec4
A conventional all milk formulated 22% protein- 20% fat milk replacer.

NeoTec4 Pasteurized Milk Supplement
This product is used to supplement pasteurized milk. It is fed at 25 grams per calf per day and provides all the essential fatty acids missing from whole milk. Research has shown it helps improve calf growth as well as immune function.


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