Potatoes & Onions  05/15/20 12:57:53 PM

Onion plants are only available as a "bunch". ARE STILL AVAILABLE.
Onion sets are available in bulk, so you can choose the amount that is right for you! ARE SOLD OUT.

Potatoes - We currently offer 5 potato varieties:  OUR 2020 SUPPLY IS SOLD OUT.
Kennebec - (medium late white) - Oblong white tubers.  Cooks and bakes wonderfully.  One of the best for winter storage.  
Gold Rush (russet) - Long, russet-skinned spuds with bright white flesh are good baked, broiled, or fried!  Resistant to hollow heart and scab.
Dark Red Norland - (early red) - White flesh of highest cooking quality; stores well.
Red Pontiac - (medium red) - An excellent all purpose potato; stores well.

Yukon Gold - (early-midseason yellow) -  Buttery yellow flesh; sure to be a hit no matter how you serve them.  Stores very well. 
     Planting Guidelines:  Roughly 1 pound of potatoes per 5 foot row.  

Onions sets & plants
Sets - we offer redwhite and yellow onion sets. We pre-bag in 1 pound size or you may bag up as many or few as you care for!
Plants -  We offer a red, a vidalia type, and a yellow sweet spanish (our most popular!).  Plants are pre-bundled - approximately 30-50 onions per bundle.  
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