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From Backyard Poultry to large poultry operations, we are ready to take care of your needs.
We also stock feeds and grit for Game Birds and Pigeons. 

2021 OUR SUPPLIER IS ANTICIPATING A GREATER DEMAND THIS YEAR, SO PLEASE ORDER ASAP.  Brochures are available for bird details, pictures, prices, and delivery dates.
Chickens, Ducks, and Turkeys - we special order our customer's selections of birds through Sunnyside Inc.  You may also visit their website to see what is available and then call your order into us.
New for 2021 are KHAKI CAMPBELLS!  This medium duck matures quickly and is their most prolific egg-laying breed.  Males will mature to over 4# and can be identified by their olive-colored heads.  Females will be smaller in size and should begin to lay eggs at 5-6 months of age.
Returning for a second year is: 
Heritage Breeds!  Barred Rocks and Rhode Island Reds 
FYI: Khaki Campbells, Mallards, Rouens, and White Pekins ducklings are only available through June 17 this year.
Turkeys are only available through August 17 this year.

Please allow a minimum 6 - 8 week lead time when ordering, as the hatchery does sell out early on the most popular delivery dates, this year due to greater demand.

Arriving in their new home... GIVE FRESH WATER IMMEDIATELY 
We stock several types and sizes of waterer containers, depending upon your flock size.
- plastic bases sized to be used with a quart jar or a gallon jar.
- plastic 1 gallon size: bases with plastic jars in two styles 
- metal dual walled fount, 3 gallon size 
- plastic 3 gallon size with or without heated base
- plastic 5 gallon size
- other styles and sizes available in special order

Also recommended (and we stock)
Electrolytes - specifically formulated as an additive for use when animals are subject to conditions of stress, such as being transported and being moved into their new home.
- Probiotics - as a digestive aid. Contains a source of live (viable) naturally occurring micro-organisms (Bacillus subtilis).
- Shavings and/or peat moss -  as recommended by Sunnyside Hatchery for Bedding/Litter.  This must remain clean and dry. Sunnyside also states to avoid newspaper or straw which can get moldy and slippery,
        as they could cause leg problems.
- Heat Lamp - New chicks environment should be warmed up to 90
o F, lower temp 5o F weekly until room temp at 70o F. 

Feeders - we carry the following sizes:
- 18 " and 24" length metal Reel Top Feeder (great for backyard poultry)
- 14" round metal feeder that holds 30 pounds of feed.
Other sizes are special order.

Feed - The first decision is organic or traditional feed, which is your option.  We stock both options and can special order specific feeds.  For large operations, we produce traditional varities of feed mix in our mill for pick up or delivery.
We carry Starter feeds, Laying hen feeds, Scratch Feed Grains, and Broiler/Meat bird feeds from several sources + we produce our own mix of traditional Laying Mash that is widely used in the area. We also carry Game Bird Feed (Starter & Grower) and an All Flock Feed. 

Additional items to consider feeding:
- Chicken Grub - 100% Nutritious. Delicious. Bugs.
- Flock Block - for free range poultry and game birds.
- Forage Cakes - stimulates natural foraging activity.
- Mealworms - at nearly 50% protein, a great treat.
- Oyster Shells - supplies calcium for strong shells.
- Poultry Grit - aids in digestion to help keep your birds happy + healthy.
- PoultryCal 120 - replaces oyster shells and poultry grit as a 2 in 1 product.


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