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We carry many items for your fur babies - food, bowls, treats, toys, litter, bedding, collars and leashes.
We carry a wide variety of dog & cat food; there is sure to be one that fills your pets' needs!

  • RED BARN DOG TREATS            


Click here to learn more about the Exclusive brand!

Exclusive Dog & Cat food is only sold by independent retailers - not the "big box" stores.  Exclusive prides themselves in always using fresh, never frozen chicken, or natural lamb in their formulas as their number one ingredient.  Exclusive also contains whole grains -high-grade, natural ingredients with vitamins and minerals - antioxidants for a strong immune system and omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat.  They also pride themselves in their 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not completety satsified with one of their products, please return the unused portion to the store of purchase for a full refund or replacement.
Buy 8 bags of Exclusive dog or cat food, the 9th bag is FREE!

The Sherwood Elevator currently carries the Exclusive in 6 dog + 2 cat formulations:
Chicken & Rice Puppy - support healthy growth with a 29% protein, 18% protein.  Available in 15lb & 30lb.
Chicken & Rice Adult Dog - a 26% protein, 15% fat formula.  No corn, wheat, soy or fillers.  Available in 15lb & 30lb.
Lamb & Rice Adult Dog - a 22% protein, 12% fat formula.  No beef, pork, wheat, soy, corn or fillers. Available in 15lb & 30lb.
Healthy Weight Adult Dog - help keep your dog at a healthy weight with a delicious reduced-fat, nutrient rich 26% protein, 9% fat formula.  Available in 15lb & 30lb.
Chicken & Rice Senior Dog - helps maintain optimal body composition 
with a 25% protein, 11% fat formula and the nutrients levels older dog needs, including: Glucosamine & Chondroitin  Available in 15lb & 30lb.

Chicken & Rice Large Breed Adult Dog - help dogs with bigger frames maintain healthy body mass with select wholesome ingredients that are mixed in a 25:13 protein to fax ratio, designed for large breed dogs. Available in 30lb.

Chicken & Rice Cat (cat & kitten formula) - help build strong, lean muscles with this 32% protein, 21% fat formula.  Available in 5lb & 15lb.
Chicken & Rice Weight Management & Hairball Care Adult Cat - this 32% protein, 9% fat formula helps control hairballs with natural vegetable fiber.  Available in 5lb & 15 lb.


CANIDAE®  prides themselves on the highest standards for food quality and safety. They create premium dog food and cat food that is delicious, nutritious—and that pet parents know they can rely on.

Canidae is 100% family owned and operated. They also own and operate their own research & development center and manufacturing facility, Ethos Pet Nutrition, in Brownwood, Texas. They are proud to make quality pet food for you and your pets:

  •  No wheat, corn, soy, fillers, antibiotics, hormones, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.  
  • Guaranteed levels of healthy omegas 6 & 3 for beautiful skin and coat. 
  • These are great tasting formulas that dogs love!  
  • Made in the U.S.A.  
  • Guaranteed levels of live probiotic cultures to support healthy digestion
  • Guaranteed levels of powerful antioxidants to help maintain a healthy immune system

Click here to learn more about Canidae and their brand.

CANIDAE® Life Stages for Dogs

CANIDAE® Life Stages has a formula for dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes.

Formulated for Dogs of All Life Stages

  • We use 4 high quality meat meals for great nutrition: chicken, turkey, lamb & fish
  • Great for dogs and puppies of all ages—making mealtimes with multiple pets less complicated
  • We stock Canidae All Life Stages for dogs in 44# and 15#  bags. 
  • Buy 12 Bags, Get 1 FREE! Come in today to start saving money with our loyality program!


CANIDAE® PLATINUM® Formula Life Stages

Formulated for Senior & Overweight Dogs 

  • We use 4 high quality meat meals for great nutrition: chicken, turkey, lamb & fish
  • Reduced fat and protein levels for senior and overweight dogs
  • Guaranteed levels of glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints
  • ?Platium dog food in 5# & 30# bags are available. We will special order for you!

For those who like to supplement with canned dog food, we have two kinds available!

                 CANIDAE® Life Stages Bakery Snacks

New CANIDAE® Life Stages Bakery Snacks let you feed your your pet healthy dog treats with an irresistible taste! 
The crunchy texture to help keep your dog’s teeth clean and the convenient “snap” feature allows you to break the biscuit into perfect portions—making training or treating your canine friend a cinch! They are an excellent size treat for dogs of all life stages, breeds and sizes and pair well with all of our premium dog food.

Go ahead, enjoy some well-deserved time with your dog knowing that you’re giving them a great-tasting oven-baked snack with only 7 simple, natural ingredients!

We carry the Bakery Snacks in the Turkey, Quinoa & Butternut Squash formula; with the Lamb, Wild Rice and Sweet Potato being available.


CANIDAE® Life Stages for Cats 

CANIDAE® Life Stages has a formula for cats of all breeds and ages. Canidae's All Life Stages or Chicken Meal & Rice formulas are ideal for multi cat families. They’re each nutritionally complete for kittens, adults, and seniors—making mealtimes easier when you have more than one cat! Canidae also has an Indoor Adult formula. All are available in dry and canned formulas, made with high quality protein sources—and without fillers, antibiotics, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. There’s a solution for every pet in your family. We will special order upon request.

Formulated for Cats and Kittens of All Ages

  • We use high quality meat meals for great nutrition: chicken, turkey,
    lamb & fish
  • Great for cats and kittens of all ages, making mealtimes less complicated
  • pH balanced formulation to promote the prevention of both urinary crystals and calcium Oxylate Stones
  • Deliciously nutritious…cats love the taste


Another line of pet food from Exclusive is their RED Flannel Brand - Designed as an affordable diet for all breeds. Their Frequent Purchase Program has buy 10 bags, get the 11th bag FREE!

We carry Red Flannel in: Hi-Pro and Prime in 50 pound bags.  Cat is a 20 pound bag.

Go to ZenFood™We carry Infinia with Salmon as the #1 ingredient!  The Holistic pet food, with superfoods and grain-free for pet lovers that want the best!  This is also great alternative for dogs with digestive issues.  Buy 8 bags, get the 9th bag FREE!


Country Vet dog & cat food are available.  Made without corn, wheat or soy. 
Click here to learn more about their Country Vet line of dog & cat food.
Click here to learn more about their Naturals line.  

We can supply:  (click on each food to learn more specifics)

Choice Active
Choice Maintenance
Sportsman's Select
Choice Hi-Protein

Choice Cat

We stock the Natural line:
Active 30-20
Healthy Diet Adult 

Grain-free 28/16 


For our Farm Cats, we carry the 40# bags of Diamond Pet Foods Country Value Dry Cat Food, which is wholesome nutrition for Cats.  Formulated with increased levels of high quality protein, in a palatable formula even finicky cats will love. Essential amino acid-taurine, and is urine pH balanced and magnesium controlled.

Country Value Dry Cat Food for Adult Cat Chicken Flavor 20 Pound Bag

We carry the following choices for Cat Litter:
Premium Choice Carefree Kitty Natural Solid Scoop Cat Litter, 40-lbCat Tails Unscented Cat Litter, 25 Pound Bag

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