POND CARE/FISH FOOD  04/06/20 8:32:22 AM

For your pond care needs, we stock several varieties of treatment programs, including: Crystal Blue Aquatic Program, Aquashade, Cutrine plus, Barley Straw, and Weedtrine.   Since algea and pond weeds react to different products, bring us a sample of the plant to get the correct products.

Let us help you achieve a pond that is enjoyable all summer long!

Cutrine Plus Granular 30lb

For feeding the fish in your pond, we stock the Aquamax fish foods that are designed to feed a variety of species and are formulated for optimum nutrient delivery.  These products are 100% nutritionally complete diets developed by professional nutritionists and fish experts.  Easly-digestible, high-energy, high quality protein, nutrient-dense diets for providing you with the best opportunity to grow big fish! 
Purina® AquaMax® Grower 400Image of Purina® AquaMax® Sport Fish 500 fish food bag
Aquamax is available in starters and growers, in different sizes, sinkers or floaters, omnivorous and carnivorous.

We look forward to working with you for your pond care and fish feeding programs.
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