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Soil testing - take the guesswork out of knowing what your lawn needs.   We send your sample to the lab and in about a week, receive your lawn's analysis.  Based on this, we will design a fertilizer program to help you achieve a successful lawn! 

Dimension Pre-Emergent on DG, 50lb Bag by AM Leonard

We currently offer a 3-step slow-release fertilizer program.  

19-0-0 Crabgrass & Broadleaf Weeds - This should first 
be put on when the ground temperature has been 55° for a minimum of 72 consecutive hours.  This formula provides "pre-emergece" & "early post-emergence" control when applied prior to emergence through the early stages of crabgrass growth. This means you have a 2-4 week longer period of time to make applications & still control crabgrass. One 50# bag covers 12,500 square feet.

20-0-8 Weed & Feed
Spring Valley broadleaf control products utilize the best ingredients for maximum granule coverage resulting in superior control.  Combination fertilizers with broadleaf weed  control (known as “weed & feed”) products perform best when applied during periods of active weed growth (late spring through early fall).  Most products require active ingredient absorption through the weed leaf before it can be effective in eradicating broadleaf weeds.  Applying to wet turf (early morning dew or irrigation) provides an opportunity for the fertilizer granule to stick to weed leaves which gives the active ingredient being carried on the granule the greatest chance of being absorbed by the plant tissue. This application on wet turf, followed by direct sunlight during periods of active growth, provides the best results for weed and feed treatment. One 50# bag covers 12,500 square feet. If your lawn does not have weeds, skip to step number 3.

25-0-4 Fertilizer  -  The Nitrogen in this ferilizer will make your lawn lush and green!  One 50# bag covers 12,500 square feet.  

We stock all 3 formulas starting in April for the whole lawn season.  For new lawns, we carry seed and fertilizer.  Click here to go to our Lawn Seed page.    
Returning for 2021, We have a 19-3-6+2%FE.

Milorganite 6-4-0 plus iron is also available.

Organic option:
We offer a 100% Corn Gluten Meal, a naturally occurring substance. It inhibits the growth of a seed's tiny feeder roots that causes the seedlings to die before they germinate.  Since most weeds germinate by seed, corn gluten will kill the seeds before they sprout.  

We also carry GYPSOM which will help neutralize winter kill from salting and from animal urine salt. Available in a 40# bag.

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